Exchange USD to ETH

How to buy ether for cash dollars: B2Cash exchange algorithm

High volatility and interest from major global corporations make ethereum an attractive investment target. The altcoin’s blockchain has extensive programming capabilities, making ETH a promising means of payment. Do you want to know where you can exchange USD to ETH in the Czech Republic quickly, safely and with minimal fees? B2Cash service with an official branch in the center of Prague offers transparent exchanges and a high level of service.

How to exchange USD to ethereum

B2Cash is an offline exchange point for selling and buying popular cryptocurrencies for cash USD, EUR and CZK. By contacting us, you can exchange USD to ethereum, bitcoin, tether, litecoin and other top assets, as well as make a reverse operation.

To make an exchange of USD to ETH in Praga, do the following steps:

  • write to us in messenger and leave a request;
  • pay for your purchase. The fixing of the USD/ethereum exchange rate takes place immediately after our manager recalculates the funds;
  • provide us the address of the cryptocurrency wallet to transfer altcoin and receive ether.

Exchange amount: are there any restrictions?

We work absolutely legally in full compliance with Czech legislation. You will not need any documents for USD to ETH exchanges amounting up to 1000 EUR (or its equivalent in USD/CZK): the operation is anonymous. If the sum of exchange exceeds this limit, we will ask you to confirm your identity, as it is required by the AML rules. Maximum sum of exchange per day is equivalent to 11000 EUR (270000 CZK).

Why should you choose B2Cash

  1. Secure exchange. You don’t have to worry about the safety of funds: all operations are performed in the branch under full control of the client.
  2. Minimal fee – its size may depend on the amount of operation or city where the exchange takes place.
  3. You can make preliminary calculations using our convenient calculator* on our website. Please note that the final amount of ETH purchase including the commission is formed at the branch after the rate is fixed.
  4. Speed of exchanges — no more than 10 minutes.

Buy ether at B2Cash: it’s a great way to raise capital and make a profitable investment.

* The calculator is under development and will be available soon. If you would like to calculate the exchange amount, please contact a B2Cash manager.


How can I safely exchange USD to ETH in Prague?

To exchange USD to ETH in Prague, you need to contact our manager or go to the office Křižíkova 703/97a, 186 00, Prague

How long will it take to exchange USD to ETH?

In B2Cash office you can make a purchase or sale of cryptocurrency, which will take up to 10 minutes of your time.