Exchange USDT to USD

B2Cash: a profitable opportunity to exchange USDT to USD

The stablecoin Tether is a cryptocurrency that holds parity with the U.S. dollar. Stable rate of the digital coin, full transparency of transactions and high level of reliability are only part of the advantages of investing in USDT.

If you are looking for a reliable service where you can exchange USDT in USD cash in Prague at a favorable rate, please contact B2Cash. We guarantee high speed and security of the exchange in accordance with the established norms of the Czech law. When exchanging USDT up to 1000 EUR, full anonymity is preserved, when selling a tether above this limit, the client must present documents to identify himself.

How to exchange Tether to USD cash

B2Cash offers favorable conditions of USDT/USD exchange: to use them, you can just write to our service representative in any convenient messenger and come to our branch in Prague. The possibility of selling a Tether is also available throughout other cities. The maximum amount of the exchange is up to 11,000 EUR (270,000 CZK).

How to exchange Tether to USD and what you need for that:

  1. Contact a manager in any convenient way. Our specialist will discuss the details of the exchange with you and clarify the actual conditions of the sale of the Tether. To get to the branch, plan a route on Google Maps.
  2. Send USDT to the provided by the manager address in advance or already in the B2Cash branch. The USDT to dollar exchange rate is 1:1. The commission of the service is fixed immediately after the client’s request to B2Cash. It is recommended to send cryptocurrency within an hour after making a request to sell USDT.
  3. Get cash in dollars at our branch.

Advantages of cooperation with B2Cash

Convenience, reliability and security is what we are guided by when interacting with clients. Other things we can offer:

  • Secure exchange of USDT to dollars in cash in accordance with the norms of Czech law.
  • Special terms and promotions for regular customers.
  • Loyal commissions for buying and selling digital currency.

Do you have any questions or would you like detailed advice? We will be glad to help you!


How can I safely exchange USDT to USD in Prague?

To exchange USDT to USD in Prague, you need to contact our manager or go to the office Křižíkova 703/97a, 186 00, Prague

How long will it take to exchange USDT to USD?

In B2Cash office you can make a purchase or sale of cryptocurrency, which will take up to 10 minutes of your time.