In the world of cryptocurrency, only a few things are stable, and that’s what we love it for! The situation on the market is constantly changing, so if you want to know how to invest today, you should keep up with the latest changes. In this article, we will talk about the cryptocurrencies which will continue to surprise their investors and look closer at price predictions.

UDS and Bitcoin prices analysis

First is, as always, Bitcoin, which has been going through a hard time lately. That is why the recent rapid change in Bitcoin price was a nice surprise for its fans. In the last week, Bitcoin has gained over 20% of its value, reaching 28,000$.The world’s situation indicates the possible beginning of a banking crisis. Though it is highly unsettling, Bitcoin and its investors can turn the situation in their favor. However, the upcoming FED meeting concerning the rising interest rates makes everyone doubt what will happen to Bitcoin next. The first prediction claims that Bitcoin’s price will rise hitting 32,000$. Another prediction claims that the prices would go down, but still keeping the bullish tendency. However, if the price goes down to 25,250$, we could witness an intense fight between bulls and bears.

ETH and Ethereum price analysis

Another cryptocurrency we should keep an eye on is ETH. 

On March 18, Ethereum price hit the 1,800$ threshold, but did not manage to stay there. Predictions say that we should look closer at 1,680$ and 1,646$ levels since whether ETH manages to cross it will tell us what the tendency will be. 


On March 18, BNB reached 338$, which means that it’s very likely to be entering the bullying stage. According to the BNB price analysis, if bulls manage to keep its value from going down, it could rise dashing toward 400$. However, the bears will probably try to lower BNB’s price, and if they win, the BNB’s value could drop to 280$.


In just 8 days STX’s price went from 0,52$ to 1,29$, which is a considerable rise. If the bulls manage to keep this price from going down, the new ascending trend could start. This would mean that the STX’s value could cross the 1,55$ threshold first and then go up to 1,80$. However, if the price goes down to 1,00$, it could be the first indicator of a weakening tendency, and the Stacks value could later go as low as 0,84 $.

IMX predictions

For IMX, this week seems to be the beginning of a new uptrend since it crossed the 1,30$ threshold. With 1,30$ being a breakout point, if IMX’s price continues to go up, it could even cross the 2,00$ barrier, with 2,23$ being the reversal setup.However, if the price doesn’t remain at the 1,30 $ level and goes down, it could mean that the breakout was a bull trap. Then, the Immutable’s value could drop to $0,80$.

Now, having gotten acquainted with this list, you may be searching for the best way to buy your crypto. And the easiest way to buy Bitcoin and ETH, the first two cryptos from this list, is to use crypto exchanges. Such exchanges as, for example, B2Cash in Prague, can be found in most bigger cities allowing you to buy Ethereum, Bitcoin, and other cryptos. They’re usually very intuitive, and you can find a lot of information on the exchange’s website. However, you would be asked to contact the manager for more precise information, such as the current Bitcoin price or Ethereum price. After making a decision, you won’t have to wait long as such exchanges are not only safe and private but also help you save your time, making it possible to buy your crypto in a few minutes.

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