The last week was full of unexpected and sudden changes. While the world banks were struggling to the point that concerns about the new banking crisis appeared, Bitcoin was striving to hit 28.000$ mark. Bitcoin has gained more than 20% in just one week, and it seems like its price will only rise from now. So what does it mean for Bitcoin investors and the world economy, and what are the Bitcoin price predictions?

The global banking crisis caused Bitcoin price to go up.

After 2022, a challenging year for the cryptocurrency, and a prolonged bear period that started in 2021, Bitocin finally came to its bulling stage. Now, after it hit 28,000$ mark on March 18, its investors anticipate crossing the next threshold – 30,000$. The reason for that is the unstable situation around the banks and rising concerns about the beginning of a global banking crisis. Last week was especially difficult due to Silvergate’s shutdown and the takeover of Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank. 

And what does it all mean for Bitcoin?

In Europe, Bitocin got an over 100 billion$ liquidity provision commitment from Swiss National Bank due to the agreement between USD and Credit Suisse as USD acquired Credit Suisse to protect the country’s financial stability. In fact, this agreement was a rather huge discount as on March 17, Credit Suisse’s value was estimated at 8 mln $.

All in all, an upcoming global banking crisis could lead to massive spikes in Bitcoin’s value.

What is Bitcoin price prediction?

Although some argue that the Bitcoins rise and hitting the 30,000$ mark is uncertain, it seems evident that if the global banking crisis is to come, Bitcoin’s value will spike really high. According to Balaji Srinivasan, a former Coinbase CTO, Bitcoin could get up to $1 mln in 90 days if the global banking crisis unfolds. Furthermore, he claims that the banking crisis would cause hyperinflation, resulting in Bitcoin hitting the 7-digit price.

However, there’s one crucial thing to keep in mind: FED’s regulations. Lately, Fed has been raising interest rates, and now it has come to the point where a critical decision is to be made. If the interest rates keep rising, the banking crisis situation could worsen. However, interest rate hikes seem to be the only tool that could prevent hyperinflation. 

What to do now, as a Bitcoin investor?

Though the global economic situation seems to be really unstable and unsettling, one thing is sure: as a Bitcoin investor, you should not waste this time. Any investor knows that it’s those unstable moments that you can use in your favor. According to all predictions, from now on, Bitcoin’s price will continue rising, making it an excellent investment. So it’s high time to start thinking about buying your USD. When searching for a place to buy or exchange your Bitcoin, I suggest you opt for crypto exchanges. There are a few ways to purchase and exchange your crypto, but special exchanges are definitely the safest and most intuitive way to do so. You will probably be able to find a good crypto exchange in any big city, and B2Cash could be a perfect example of such an exchange in Prague. It allows you to buy Bitcoin and some other cryptos offering its users safety and 100% legal transactions. Among the other benefits you get when using a crypto exchange is an individual approach, the possibility to contact the manager to find out about all the details and negotiate the exchange conditions, and very fair commissions. So why waste your time when it seems to be a perfect moment for investing in Bitcoin?

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