Those who believed in Bitcoin at the beginning of its path know very well that on the crypto market, believing in new projects and joining them early can be beneficial.

With crypto launchpad doing so will be even more accessible. 

What is a Crypto Launchpad?

Crypto launchpad is a DEX-based platform allowing its users to find new crypto projects and invest in them. Thus, you can find a new crypto token before it becomes public and invest in it while the prices are at their lowest. Such crypto launchpads benefit crypto investors, who can profit from buying new tokens at a meager price and watching their value rise. At the same time, founders can benefit from using Crypto launchpads by getting access to a large number of investors.

How exactly does such a launchpad work?

As mentioned before, crypto launchpads help new crypto projects find investors and vice versa. Different crypto launchpads will have their list of chosen crypto projects with all the necessary information for the potential investors, such as the price and a start date. They will allow investors to invest in such tokens at an early stage.

What are the benefits of using a crypto launchpad?

However, you may be wondering now why you should use crypto launchpad if you can simply search for new projects and invest in them directly. The undeniable benefit of using a crypto launchpad is safety. If you don’t want to risk becoming a scam victim, consider crypto launchpad. Thanks to its usage of the KYC system and thorough project verification, both investors and founders are protected.Among the other benefits of using crypto launchpads low fees and no waiting period should be mentioned as well.

How to use a crypto launchpad?

To start using a crypto launchpad, you must create an account and come through “know-your-customer” verification, for which you will be asked to provide your own photo in good lighting and your ID. The next step is funding your wallets with tokens that launchpad accepts, and voila. You are ready. Now you can start searching for projects and getting on the entry listing.

How to find a trustworthy crypto launchpad?

However, if you want to ensure that the launchpad guarantees your safety, you must choose it carefully. That’s why now we will talk about detecting a good cryptocurrency launchpad from investors’ and founders’ perspectives. As an investor, you first want to check on the launchpad’s security commitment. If you want to ensure that the platform protects you from scams, you need to check which measure it takes when verifying the projects. Note that the usage of KYC verification is a must!

Moreover, if you want to get access to the best crypto launchpad, we recommend you check a few and do a thorough analysis by comparing different launchpads to each other. On the other hand, as a founder, you want to be sure that the launchpad does its best to promote your project and help you find investors. You need to ensure that your projects are promoted and that the investor community is active and supportive.

Now that you know how crypto launchpads work and why it’s worth using them, another important topic to cover is where and how you can buy and exchange your crypto. Since different crypto launchpads work with other tokens, when choosing one, you may want to conduct more profound research on how exactly your chosen launchpad works. However, knowing where to exchange your crypto is critical info you will need anyways. And when it comes to buying and exchanging your crypto, the safest and easiest way is via special crypto exchanges. B2cahs is an excellent example of such a crypto exchange located in Prague. The exchange allows its users to buy ETH, BTC, and USDT and sell them for cash in Prague. On the website, you will find all the key information about the exchange, and if needed more details, such as fees or the current Bitcoin, or for example, Ethereum price, you will be able to contact the manager, who will answer all your questions and help to make your users experience as satisfying as possible.

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